Welcome to our virtual open event. I am delighted that you have joined us to find out more about Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School.

The school aspires to educate, in partnership with parents and pupils, inquiring, well-informed and compassionate citizens who will go on to make a better world by occupying positions of responsibility and influence. In order to do this, it is essential to me that students are safe and feel safe; that they are happy and ready to learn; and finally that they maximize their academic potential.

I am fully committed to a holistic view of education. Whilst I believe in healthy competition, encouraging all students to strive to be their best, I am also passionate about the development of character. I want the character of our students to be as distinctive as their purple blazers, and everything that is done in school links to one of our key characteristics: commitment, resilience, fairness and responsibility, courage, intellectual curiosity, creativity and gratitude.    

In our video, you will see some of the best ambassadors of the school, some members of the School Officer team.

I hope to see your child joining us in the next academic year and look forward to sharing in their journey from being a learner of today to becoming a leader of tomorrow.

Nigel Walker