Students on their Subjects

Year 12 students explain in their own words what they enjoy about their favourite A Level subject


Art has been my absolute favourite subject in A Levels. It has allowed me to explore my own mind and my artistic abilities, with a balance of guidance and independent work, and has pushed me to develop my skills and look at art in new ways. During Art A Level we have been taught new techniques, with frequent workshops showing us how to use a specific medium, 2D or 3D, which has helped push me outside of my artistic comfort zone many times – and our art department has many resources and materials, so I never feel like my art is limited. The Art department’s workshops and facilities have been a massive help in broadening my art experience and have helped me to cultivate my skills. These can include photography workshops along with experimenting with different mediums including oil painting, using ink, promarkers, etching and more. A Level Art involves a more thorough and experimental approach to work compared to GCSE as you look into different styles of art along with different artist research.

The Art department provides continual support and guidance for each student in order to ease the transition of GCSE to A Level, allowing each student to feel confident with each task at hand. Talking to the teachers about your work is encouraged and enables students to receive advice in order to improve, which has been a massive help in refining my work to a higher standard. Being able to explain, and perhaps critique your own work shows the extent of the research and knowledge you have about your piece, revealing your thought process. The art classroom is a protected environment, enabling me to express my ideas by consulting with my peers and teachers and constantly experimenting until I reach a final piece that I am happy with. I’ve also loved the art trips to galleries and exhibtions.

A fear I had going into this course was about the amount of work, but this is easily manageable, as long as you keep on top of it. Taking art alongside two non-creative subjects has been really refreshing and I enjoy my daily art lessons as they give me a break from textbook work.