The Head’s Welcome

A very warm welcome to the sixth form at Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School – the ‘flagship programme’ of our highly successful, selective state school. We promote excellence in every field, allowing pupils to reach the highest academic, sporting, cultural and artistic standards.

This is a school where we nurture creative, curious and independent learners. The school offers enormous opportunity for you to find your path to success and fulfilment through many avenues of growth and learning. We aspire to create intellectually curious, well-informed, compassionate and socially responsible citizens who will go on to assume important positions of influence. The fact that many of our alumni have gone on to become national and international leaders in their chosen fields of excellence proves the success of our mission statement: Helping the learners of today become the leaders of tomorrow.”

Above all, this is a school that wants the very best for you and expects the very best you can give – to help you find a sense of place and belonging but also a real sense of purpose and meaning. We want to help you find what your talents are, and dedicate time and expert help to turning your potential into progress with the highest possible expectation. The excellence we cherish lies in your effort and enjoyment. Working together, we will ensure you grow and thrive, giving you the brightest chance of future success and fulfillment with a life-long love of learning fit for all life’s challenges.

Whatever you choose to do after the sixth form, we are certain you will find your years at CSGS enjoyable and our school a supportive place in which you can fulfil your potential.